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Parent's Guide : How To Select A Good Taekwondo School

When you or your child learn something, you would like to choose teachers who have the right knowledge. For the same purpose that you want to choose a good and certified teacher, students will benefit when they learn Taekwondo from a Certified Taekwondo Master. There are several things that parents can check before selecting a good Dojang


A. Check The Credentials And History

Falsified credential problems happen a lot more than people think. Ask Master or instructor to show the proof of their belt levels and an instructor certificate from accredited organization.

For example, if someone is a Taekwondo Master, he should have a Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarter) Taekwondo Master examination certificate and a Degree Certificates with a picture ID.

  • Some Masters and instructors make their Own Martial Arts Certificates without accreditation.
  • Some recreation and before after school programs do not check the credentials of instructors. Some of the instructors claiming to be a black belt do not hold official certificates from the accredited organization. These fake Masters (instructors) will do more harm than good by teaching improper techniques.
  • If a Master did major study in university in particular martial arts field, it is a Big Plus Point. Check for university diploma and major.

All of the intense training and proper certificate process require time and effort. These can be good measurements to see if a person is serious about teaching proper Taekwondo (or any other types of martial arts).

B. Instructor Training Program

Check if the school has proper training program for instructors. Some schools give instructor title to any black belts without proper teaching training. Knowing something and teaching is different. When you teach, you have to know the right skills but also have to know the effective teaching method. Instructors don't get this skill just by knowing their curriculums. They need to get trained under a certified and experienced Master continuously.

Trainer for instructors (Head Master) should be a certified coach (Taekwondo Master certificate, sparring coach certificate) who actively train himself and get updated martial arts information and affiliated with a national martial arts organization for the quality control. Without this, the training provided will be outdated and unrecognized.

2. Classes & Curriculum

  • Ask how many classes can student attend each week. Flexible class schedule option is better and at least 2 classes/week is recommended.
  • Ask if parents (guardians) are permitted to watch classes. The classes should be open and observable by parents or guardians.
  • Does class have positive atmosphere and energy?
  • Does the school have organized curriculum and schedule?
  • Most schools have start up trial program before joining membership. This is the best way to see the overall class atmosphere teaching style.

3. Location, Facility equipment

  • Is the school location convenient for you?
  • Does the school look bright and clean? Is it cleaned often with the proper cleaning product?
  • Are the mats and equipment in good condition?

4. Membership, Tuition, Test and etc..

One year or longer memberships are standard in the martial arts industry but school might have different policy and tuition rate depending on many other factors (proper certificate and training, location, rental rate, equipment, system and etc.) so ask about membership and tuition after the Trial class. Make sure to read all the membership terms and condition before you sign on a contract.

Ask about the cost other than the tuition such as; Gear, Weapon and Testing requirements and cost

Ask if the black belt degree certificate is accredited from the official organization (recognized worldwide) or is it just a school certificate. Non-accredited school certificates are not recognized worldwide and students might have to restart from the beginner’s level and retest for accredited black belt degree.


Tae (태, 跆) kicking with the foot

   Kwon (권, 拳) a hand or fist to block, punch or strike

   Do (도, 道) an “art” or a “way”

         “ The way of kicking, blocking and punching ”

The Ultimate Body & Mind Fitness Program

Tae Kwon Do is one of the most Systematic and Scientific Martial Arts originated from Korea. Through disciplined training, Tae Kwon Do improves both the mind and body, placing great emphasis on the development of personal character. Students are taught that self control, self discipline, kindness and humility must accompany their increased physical strength and self-defense techniques.

  1. The Sport of Olympics

Today, it has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation, and stands among the official games in the Olympics. Tae Kwon Do Sparring has been selected as official sports for Sydney, Athens Olympics and also for Beijing 2008 ,2012 London,2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

  1. The Most Popular Martial Arts

There are 205 member nations and about 70,000,000 people active (& more than 7,300,000 official black belt students) in training under the WTF(World Taekwondo Federation).


From our teaching experience, we recommend children ages 4 and up to participate in a trial lesson. During the trial period, our instructors will evaluate and recommend the best program for your child.
Martial arts training provides lots of benefit but itself is only half of the solution. The part that makes the big difference is the teacher. At Master Park's Taekwondo, all classes are planned  by a certified internatonal Taekwondo Master who possess years of experience in both training and teaching. (Please refer Master credential page) Our instructors and leaders are trained professionally daily and weekly under the Certified Taekwondo Master. This training will give our instructors and leaders to have the right Taekwondo knowledge which will directly impact student’s learning progress.

Before joining our membership, students can try-out our classes without any obligation.

We have a trial program for students who would like to try out first before joining our membership which is $35/student and comes with a uniform and 2 classes.

The trial program is a great way to see and feel the actual class atmosphere before joining the program. It is also a very good way to receive our professional opinion on how we tink you will receive the best Taekwondo learning experience.

There’s no obligation after the trial class so, Try Today!

The current tuition ranges from ($120~ $150)/month for Tiny Heroes (age 4-5) program and ($155~ $185)/month for Tae Kwon Heroes (Age 6 up) program. There’s a one-time registration fee for new students. We offer a family discount options for parents and siblings as well as seasonal specials occasionally such as-registration discount special, family special, etc. The detailed membership information will be given after or during the Trial program.