Master & Director

Master Instructor,
Cheolung Park

Master Cheolung Park is a founder, curriculum developer and coach for all instructors and staff at Tae Kwon Heroes Dojang. His unique experience from Korean National Taekwondo Demonstration team and his major study, Physical education in Taekwondo from one of the top athletic universities in South Korea are added to our curriculum and Taekwondo instruction to provide the best quality Taekwondo. He always strives to make a better program to give the best mental and physical Taekwondo training to students.


  • 6 th Degree (Dan) Black Belt World Tae Kwon Do Head Quarter: Kuk Ki Won, JUDO Black Belt
  • Bachelor of arts degree Physical education-Tae Kwon Do (Yong In University, South Korea)
  • Former Member of Korean National Demonstration Team (World Tae Kwon Do Head Quarter; Kuk Ki Won Team) 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005
  • Member of Yong In University Demonstration Team
  • Certified Tae Kwon Do & Physical Education Instructor, Referee and Sparring Coach
  • Sports Massage, Chiropractic, Athletic Training Licensed, CPR & First aid certified.
  • Achievement award of World Tae Kwon Do Head Quarter President(2006)
  • The World Tae Kwon Do Han-ma-dang 96 Winner (High Breaking1996)
  • The World Tae Kwon Do Han-ma-dang 98 Winner (Power Breaking 1998)
  • The World Tae Kwon Do Han-ma-dang 2000 1 st place (Self-Defense)(2000)
  • Korea Military Tae Kwon Do Championship Tournament Twice Gold medalist (2002)
  • The Citation of World Tae Kwon Do Federation President (2003)


  • Korean national team (Kukkiwon) Demonstration To East Asia, Europe, U.S.A ( 2000,2004,2005)
  • Korean national team (Kukkiwon) Demonstration for a former President of USA at Yong In University (2005)
Director Arielle Park

Director Arielle Park

Brief History

  • Bachelor Science of Psychology, Minor in Biology from University of Maryland (UMBC).
  • Assistant Researcher at Culture Child & Adolescence Development lab in University of Maryland (UMBC).
  • Trained for School Age Children’s Education course, CPR/AED and First Aid certified.
  • Current Director and Leadership team advisor at Master Park’s Tae Kwon Heroes Dojang.
  • 2 nd Degree (Dan) Black Belt certified by World Tae Kwon Do Head Quarter: Kuk Ki Won