Why Choose Us


When you learn something, you would like to choose teachers who have right knowledge. For the same purpose that you want to choose a good and certified teacher, students will benefit when they learn Taekwondo from a Certified Taekwondo Master.   

We provide Authentic and certified Taekwondo programs which was developed by Master Cheolung Park who completed his physical education in Taekwondo degree (bachelor of art) from one of top athletic university (Yong In University) in South Korea. He also completed Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarter) Taekwondo Master course to be a certified Taekwondo Master. This whole intense Taekwondo study experience is combined with Master Park’s unique Taekwondo demonstration experience from Kukkiwon Demo team (S.Korea National Demo team) to provide authentic and high quality Taekwondo instructions to our students.


We truly believe that properly trained and invested instructors affect students’ learning ability in positive ways. This is why we do not give instructor position easily just by belt rank.

Instructor training should be taught by a certified Taekwondo Master who has completed an official Master certification course from the accredited organization such as Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarter) in order to give students proper Taekwondo education. 

At our studio, Head Master Cheolung Park is a certified coach for this training. He provides this training daily and weekly to better our staff and programs. This professionally training will give our instructors to have the right Taekwondo knowledge which will directly impact student’s learning progress.


We use one of the highest quality training mats (swain hybrid mat) for better hygiene, safe and effective training. We also clean and disinfect with EPA registered disinfectant and cleaner to provide a clean and safe training environment.



We believe that every child has its unique potential and would like to maximize it throughout teaching the right Taekwondo.
At Master Park’s Taekwondo, we make every effort to provide our students the highest quality Taekwondo and martial arts instruction possible both mentally and physically. We try our best to give our students with valuable skills for daily life such as; Respect, Focus, Self-control, Confidence, Cooperation, Perseverance and Grit.

Learning Taekwondo under professionally trained instructors will help students build their positive character mentally and physically. The positive traits that they learn from the class will help them to be wiser and healthier at real life situation; home, school and work which will lead them to successful life.

• Be Humble

• Be Grateful

• Do your best with good learner’s attitude


Master Cheolung Park founded Tae Kwon Heroes (Taekwondo) in 2013 in the small basement of medical building in Lusby, Maryland after the World class Tae Kwon Do was closed at the same location.
In January 2015, Taekwondo relocated to Lusby Weis (Previous- Food Lion) building and have been providing Authentic and Certified Tae Kwon Do instructions to students age 4 and up in Southern Calvert and St. Mary’s county and surrounding areas.


It’s very important to visit the school that are considering to see the facility and meet with instructors for your quality learning experience. Come visit us and we will help you to find a way to achieve your goal for better future!

Visit our Taekwon Heros Dojang. Visit Taekwon Heros Dojang.